Shamus Ian Fatzinger is a multi-media storyteller. Before moving to Pittsburgh late in 2014 from Washington DC, he worked for 14 years for the Washington Post’s suburban news division, covering the Virginia suburb of Fairfax County for a weekly newspaper called The Fairfax County Times.

At that news organization, he has held every title in the photo department, starting as photojournalist, then assignment editor, then chief photographer, then director of photography with a staff of 14 different photographers in 5 different offices in multiple counties. InĀ  those roles he has covered tragedy and triumph, sickness and health, love and hate, the mundane and the extraordinary. When asked what is his favorite thing to photograph, the answer is “anything that tells a story.”

A project he is currently working on is a series of short films and stills for an orphanage in Kenya housing more than 1200 HIV+ orphans.

Another aspect of his work involves the use of discarded materials and found objects merged with photos and paint to create a narrative. It’s the subtlety of a passing moment that influences this body of work. you can see some of that work by clicking here.